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Unsure of where to start with your home or spa regimen? Book an in-person or virtual consultation to talk with one of our skin-care experts to get you started on our journey to better skin.



Revitalize your skin through our Skin Care Reset, a thorough personalized experience with one of our estheticians, dedicated to providing tailored skincare recommendations. Receive a comprehensive analysis of your skin's condition in our skinLAB, then our experts will offer guidance on incorporating our recommended products with some of your current skincare. *must bring current products to be eligible to swap at 15% discount*



 This consultation is required prior to certain peels and treatments to ensure proper skin preparation, as well as eligibility for service of interest and/or guidance to the best treatment plan for what condition the skin is in currently. (30 min) *If recommended treatment is booked upon consultation checkout, the $30 consultation cost will be deducted from the next appointment.*



Great for anyone who suffers from acne of any kind. Whether hormonal or lifestyle-triggered, you can control your breakouts. As a part of our Acne Bootcamp, our certified Face Reality esthetician, Jewels Anderson will spend 45 minutes with you, listening to your skin struggles, sharing hers, as well as discussing your diet & lifestyle acne triggers, expectations, treatment plan, and recommending a home-care regimen for your journey to better skin! You will still benefit from an at-home acne regimen, even if you cannot incorporate treatments at this time. This consultation is required to begin Face Reality regimen or bootcamp treatments. Virtual consultations available.



During this 30-minute consultation, one of our skilled artists will carefully assess your skin type, as well as determine the most suitable brow technique and shape for your preference, lifestyle, and bone structure. Your brows will be meticulously mapped out and filled in with a brow pencil for you to review, ensuring a natural and flawless appearance.



 Our Laser Consultation service offers personalized solutions for laser rejuvenation treatments and laser hair removal. Our Laser Specialist will provide expert advice on the optimal number of sessions needed and the size of the treatment area required for effective results. With the guidance of our specialists and the use of our Aerolase Device, you can achieve your desired outcomes with confidence. (15 min)



 Our knowledgeable provider will help determine the best treatment area(s) to achieve your desired results through non-surgical skin tightening, better known as Plasma Fibroblast treatments.

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